Sports & team building

The place to give your team a boost

Would you like to give your team a boost, and are you looking for the right location? A location where you naturally get energy? Where everything is geared towards personal development and flourishing? A place where your team can spend the night and where the beach is the front yard? Are you looking for the ideal location to have an energizing team session? Then we’re happy to host you. Welcome to de Baak Seaside.


What do you want to achieve?

We’ll analyze the question together. Because our only goal is to contribute to your success. The activity should seamlessly connect to your goal. We’ve linked a book full of ideas to enriching partners. Everything to make your team stronger. The activities always link to the identified issues. Whether it’s running training, a fencing workshop, yoga, boxing or a mountain bike tour through the dunes. Everything has to be just right. From the welcome to departure.

Enriching partners

We work together with many different partners in order to offer you the best team session. Real professionals who are well-known in the field of sports and team building. They ensure that behavior can be addressed and is visible in a powerful and effective way. This creates increased insight and an accelerated learning process.


The difference is in the details

Interaction costs energy. You can recharge your energy by going for a brisk walk on the beach and by eating well. Our kitchen is staffed by passionate professionals. They ensure that the food is tasty and energy-rich. They do this by working with only nutritious and revitalizing ingredients. And they will be happy to find the perfect solution to any specific requests.


Want to know more?

Have we piqued your curiosity? Want to know more? Great! Request a free quotation now. And you can always call us if you’re unsure. We’ll be happy to help.

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