Food & Vitality

“It's nice that the meals are made using mostly organic, fresh and Fair Trade ingredients.”  

Nutritious food

Healthy and nutritious food is considered very important at de Baak Seaside. All of the products and dishes we serve are carefully selected and prepared to help optimize mental and physical performance.

Energy-boosting, sustainable and delicious

Energy-boosting, sustainable and, above all, delicious! These are the main aims in the kitchen of de Baak Seaside. Our chefs use sustainable, often organic and regional products in our internationally oriented kitchen. As part of the vitality concept, we serve many salads, vegetables and fish dishes for lunch. Dark chocolate, dried fruits and nuts are available to snack on in all of the lounges. This helps our visitors maintain their blood sugar and energy levels and stay fit and energetic.
In addition to the fact that healthy food is an important factor in optimal performance, it is also important that it tastes good. At de Baak Seaside we believe that food should be an experience. Our chefs produce delicious, international dishes that meet today's requirements. In order to minimize our ecological footprint, we work primarily with regional fresh, organic and Fair Trade products.


Vitality is reflected not only in the food we serve, but also in other aspects. The best performance is achieved when the body and spirit are thriving. At de Baak Seaside you stay fit, by taking a nice walk on the beach or by taking part in one of the many outdoor activities de Baak Seaside has to offer. And your head stays fit thanks to poetry and stimulating works of art which keep the mind in training.

Cooking to order!

Our chefs will be happy to work with you to ensure that the culinary framework of your gathering is entirely in keeping with its content, atmosphere and themes. This can concern putting together the menu, ingredients of the dishes, and the form in which the dishes are to be presented, such as a buffet, a barbecue or perhaps a walking dinner. The possibilities also include a cooking workshop and a picnic on the beach.