• Socially responsible

    De Baak Seaside thinks about the future

Corporate social responsibility

De Baak Seaside thinks about the future. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are intertwined in our daily activities and services. De Baak Seaside exceeds the basic requirements and is a forerunner in the sector in this respect. At De Horst Estate, and also elsewhere, we support the quality of running a business and the positive long-term effects this has on people, the environment and society. We enjoy setting a good example!


Sustainable work practices

Sustainable employability

At De Baak Seaside we attach great importance to sustainable employability, our social significance, unique talent and providing opportunities. Therefore we are a work placement company. At De Baak Seaside, and also elsewhere, we support the quality of running a business and the positive long-term effects this has on people, the environment and society. Around 15 students and interns work at De Baak Seaside each year. They receive intensive supervision from trainers in various departments. We also make workplaces available to people with disabilities, people receiving benefits under the Work and Employment Support (Young Disabled Persons) Act, and as experiential learning pathways for long-term unemployed persons, with the aim of helping them to enter the employment market afterwards.

Quality mark

De Baak Seaside is in possession of ISO 26000 and ISO 14001 certificates.
- ISO 26000 is an international guideline for the implementation of CSR in an organization. It gives businesses a regulatory framework for determining their responsibilities to society and provides advice on the structural implementation of CSR.
- ISO 14001 is the international specification for an environmental management system. This standard helps to identify, prioritize and manage environmental risks as part of day-to-day operations.
We are also extremely proud of our Golden Green Key. Green Key is a well-known international eco-label awarded to sustainable businesses in the tourism and leisure sector. This eco-label shows that the participants do everything they can to minimize the impact their business has on nature and the environment. As a Gold Member we meet the highest standards.

Sustainable food & beverage products


Our aim is 100% sustainable purchasing (organic/CSR/Fair Trade) of our food & beverage products. Therefore, we select our suppliers very carefully. Currently the percentage is already at 86%.

Our contribution to society

De Baak Seaside and its staff members contribute actively to local social initiatives related to learning. In cooperation with our partners and other organizations we also organize Children's Festivals for children with chronic illnesses, children with autism and children of refugees. We also always invite local children. Our staff members find their contribution to events such as these extremely inspiring and educational.

Choice of suppliers

We deliberately choose suppliers who offer sustainable products prepared under the right conditions. We also use local suppliers as much as possible in order to limit CO2 emissions.

  • 100% FSC. We use recycled paper where possible.
  • De Baak Seaside purchases 100% green energy from Eneco.