What setting are you looking for? The right space, every time

Rooms for large and small groups

De Baak Seaside has a large number of modern, spacious, bright and serene rooms, some of which have flexible walls. There is always a suitable room for your party.

2-150 guests
An overview of the different rooms

The rooms of de Baak Seaside are all located in the same building and are modern, spacious, bright and serenely furnished. We also offer suitable consultation rooms and break-out rooms for smaller groups.

12-30 m2

Rooms for 2-10 guests

For smaller training sessions and 1-on-1 sessions we offer various consultation rooms and break-out rooms.

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60-80 m2

Rooms for 10-25 guests

These meeting rooms are ideal for meetings, trainings and seminars for groups of up to 25 people.

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max. 200 m2

Rooms for 25-150 guests

For medium-sized conferences and seminars we have several spacious rooms that can be connected to each other.

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