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    Waking up at the beach, energy for a new day

Overnight stay for business guests

De Baak Seaside is a professional venue in Noordwijk aan Zee, designed specifically for one-day or longer meetings, training programs and other gatherings. It is also possible to book separate overnight stays.

Hotel rooms

A refreshing night's rest

Are you attending a meeting or gathering held over several days? Do you have an appointment in the area the next day? Or would you like to spend a weekend at the beach with family and friends? You can spend the night very comfortably at de Baak Seaside. We have 100 hotel rooms, all of which have been designed specifically to promote resting, sleeping and relaxation. 

In the morning, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in our lounge with beautiful sea views. Of course you can sit outside during good weather, sheltered on the patio or right on the promenade.

  • Hotel rooms

      De Baak Seaside has 100 hotel rooms, enabling our guests to spend a peaceful and comfortable night by the sea. The hotel rooms are simply furnished, designed specifically to promote resting and sleeping, with comfortable single beds. All rooms include a shower, toilet, television, telephone and free internet access.


    De Baak Seaside is located right beside the sea, along Koningin Astrid Boulevard in Noordwijk. The hotel is less than a half-hour drive from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, The Hague and Leiden. The spacious, inspiring location of de Baak Seaside offers beautiful sea views and a refreshing environment in which to meet, learn, train, connect, relax and sleep comfortably.


    By the sea

    De Baak Seaside was once the grand Hotel Astrid. The hotel was purchased by the Central Social Employers' Federation (Centraal Sociaal Werkgevers Verbond, CSWV) in September 1957. The CSWV wanted its own conference house for courses and conferences, which could also be used for members' meetings and to receive guests from the Netherlands and abroad. 
    Hotel Astrid therefore underwent a major renovation based on a design by architect A.C. Gathier from Oegstgeest. The renovation included four conference and meeting rooms, 40 bedrooms, a 120-seat dining room, a spacious lounge, offices, a recreation room and a large kitchen. The total renovation costs amounted to 2.2 million guilders. The CSWV officially put its conference house into use on 17 June 1959. The building was renamed ‘de Baak', a regional word for (fire) beacon. The first training program, intended for commercial officials, was started at De Baak three months later. This laid the foundation for the current learning environment.