About us

An inspiring ambiance

De Baak Seaside connects and inspires people and companies. We offer you an environment in which you can invest in yourself and in your team. Where you can enjoy to learn, meet, reflect, celebrate and spend a revitalising night. Where people love to get surprised and fascinated. Where the vast landscape of sand and sea will make you forget daily life as to focus fully on your own learning experience.


Development and growth

At de Baak Seaside you’ll have the opportunity to fully grow and develop yourself and your business. We have done everything to provide you with the best learning environment. From our location to our furnishment, service, kitchen and suppliers. Come to see, feel and experience it.

What we offer

More than just decoration

Art and poetry is more than just some decoration, we think. It is an important source of inspiration and enhances our imagination. Our art curator makes sure our guests can enjoy always a varied collection of fine arts, prose and poetry.

A rich history

Before 1957, de Baak Seaside was home to the stately Hotel Astrid. In September that year, it was bought by the Central Social Employers Alliance (Centraal Sociaal Werkgevers Verbond; CSWV). They were looking for their own conference location to hold trainings, conferences and member meetings, and to receive national and international guests.

At the time, Hotel Astrid was rebuilt for 2,2 million guilder, designed by architect A.C. Gathier from Oegstgeest. Four conference and meeting rooms, 40 guest rooms, a dining room for 120 guests, an ample lounge, offices, a recreation room and a large kitchen were constructed.

Only on the 17th of June 1959, it was officially opened with the new name ‘de Baak’, dialect for lighthouse. Three months later, the first course for commercial officials was initiated, laying the foundation of the current learning environment.


Sustainable & ecological

We strive to only purchase sustainable products. Therefore, our suppliers are carefully selected. We look closely at the origin of our products, whether they are ecological, CSR and fair trade. At the moment, 86% of our products is sustainable.


Our 'Key' to a better world

We have received the Golden Green Key. An international quality mark for ambitious and sustainable companies in the recreational sector. Companies that take care of their environment and try to prevent damage to nature and environment. To receive a Golden Green Key, you’ll have to comply with the highest standards. Which we do with pleasure.