About Baak hospitality

“Two unique locations for learning, at the beach and in the woods.”

Baak hospitality

De Baak Seaside in Noordwijk and De Horst Estate in Driebergen come under Baak Hospitality. Baak Hospitality is a division of De Baak. De Baak is the place for leaders, managers, business people and professionals seeking inspiration, motivation, knowledge and insight. De Baak teaches you how to learn, during training programs, study programs and events, an asset that will last a lifetime.

Learning in context

aak Hospitality is a partner in meeting and learning in context. We provide a complete service concept, every day, so that our guests can concentrate fully on their training program, meeting or conference. Baak Hospitality ensures that everyone feels at home and can train, meet, consult, learn and develop themselves to the best of their ability.